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Hello!  My name is Phoebe, and I am a photographer currently based in Los Angeles, CA.  Here you'll find both a mix of my work, my personal life, and any other tidbits I find interesting.

Want to see more of my work?  Please check out the galleries on my website.  Thanks for stopping by!

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Wow ! their natural scenes are more nice .

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It's impossible to miss La Sagrada Familia while in Barcelona.  Not only does it dominate its nearby landscape (having its own metro stop), it's also the last and maybe most famous work of Gaudí.  The sheer immensity of it is rather awe-inspiring, like a stone forest canopy...

At night families, joggers, and dogs abound in a nearby park and the reflection of La Sagrada Familia resembles a Monet painting on the lake, composed of softened shapes of light.

Spain, Barcelona - Gaudi - La Sagrada Familia-3.jpg

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*gasp* simply beautiful!

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Excellent shooting photo .

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For those of you who've watched Million Dollar Baby, this ring from Classic Kickboxing is a familiar sight.  Jan and Joe have been boxing here for over a year now, so it was only fitting that we started here for this fun and playful couple's shoot.

Pasadena- Jan & Joe-1-Classic Kickboxing.jpg
Pasadena- Jan & Joe-2.jpg
Pasadena- Jan & Joe-3.jpg
Pasadena- Jan & Joe-4.jpg
Pasadena- Jan & Joe-5-Classic Kickboxing.jpg
Pasadena- Jan & Joe-6.jpg
Pasadena- Jan & Joe-7.jpg
Pasadena- Jan & Joe-8.jpg
Pasadena- Jan & Joe-9.jpg
Pasadena- Jan & Joe-22.jpg
Pasadena- Jan & Joe-23.jpg
Pasadena- Jan & Joe-12.jpg
Pasadena- Jan & Joe-13.jpg
Pasadena- Jan & Joe-14.jpg
Pasadena- Jan & Joe-15.jpg
Pasadena- Jan & Joe-16.jpg
Pasadena- Jan & Joe-17.jpg
Pasadena- Jan & Joe-18 - Levitt Pavilion.jpg
Pasadena- Jan & Joe-19 - Levitt Pavilion.jpg
Pasadena- Jan & Joe-20 - Levitt Pavilion.jpg
Pasadena- Jan & Joe-21 - Levitt Pavilion.jpg

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Their capturing get-up and dress-up is also awesome .

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A cheery little herald for hot chocolate and cooler weather, I can't imagine spending a better evening than riding a pumpkin hot air balloon.  Sign me up please.

The great pumpkin - Orange County Great Park-5.jpg

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Dave Terrano:

Nice picture, Phoebe! Looks like the sky is unlimited in your picture. Thanks for sharing.

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So nice this post .

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Eleven years ago Terence first started noticing Desiree because she played Final Fantasy VII, though it was through a series of comical miscommunications that eventually led to Desiree asking him out.  So it was only fitting to incorporate their mutual love of videogames into their engagement.  We had a great time exploring as they fearlessly let me drag them from one locale to another (even crawling through a small hole in a fence), making wonderful use of this location first for me (thanks Kelly and Jesse for the suggestions).

Terence & Desiree-1.jpg

Terence & Desiree-2.jpg

Terence & Desiree-3 - videogames - engagement.jpg

Terence & Desiree-4-videogames - super mario bros. engagement.jpg

Terence & Desiree-5.jpg

Terence & Desiree-6.jpg

Terence & Desiree-7.jpg

Terence & Desiree-8.jpg

Terence & Desiree-9.jpg

Terence & Desiree-10.jpg

Terence & Desiree-11.jpg

Terence & Desiree-12.jpg

Terence & Desiree-13 - san jose - engagement.jpg

Terence & Desiree-14.jpg

Terence & Desiree-15.jpg

Terence & Desiree-16 - bay area - engagement.jpg

Terence & Desiree-17 - bay area - engagement.jpg

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i love this set!!! what a gorgeous gorgeous place! i esp love the last one and the one before that (with her walking in the tall grasses).


Photo's are amazing Phoebe, Des and T look great!! :D


Many thanks to you Phoebe. <3

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Thje last sea side photography is very attractive .

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