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Hello!  My name is Phoebe, and I am a photographer currently based in Los Angeles, CA.  Here you'll find both a mix of my work, my personal life, and any other tidbits I find interesting.

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Happy Friday!  This is my second set of Boston photos from this past spring, you can see the first set here.

boston bw-10.jpg

boston bw-2.jpg

boston bw-1.jpg

boston bw-6.jpg

boston bw-9.jpg

Besides the requisite Freedom trail, here are a few other personal highlights:

*  Breakfast at Mike & Patty's 

 It's located in a cute little neighborhood with some really tasty twists on breakfast classics.  I kid you not, it's a tiny joint (seats maybe eight people total).  Savvy locals call ahead but this little tourist cooled her heels for a solid twenty minutes before chowing down on their North South Classic.

*  Boston Harbor Islands

We were able to see firsthand the reclamation project on Spectacle Island, which has essentially seen everything from hotels to a horse processing plant to a trash dump.  Now it's a lovely little recreational area very similar to the Berkeley marina.  We also stopped by Georges Island, well known for the Lady in Black (a ghost of a Confederate prisoner's wife).  An impromptu tour by a friendly ranger let us play with the large canons around and temporarily get lost groping around one of the pitch black tunnels that run throughout Fort Warren (mind you this was right after we heard the ghost story).

boston bw-5.jpg

*  Boston Pops concert

This was definitely a pleasant surprise.  How often can you sit at a concert hall like Symphony Hall listening to music while drinking and eating?  Not to mention during a pops concert you're encouraged to make friends with your neighbors (I heard quite a few FB connections) and, for better or worse, to also sing along.

boston bw-4.jpg

*  Boston Public Gardens

After reading The Trumpet of the Swan as a child it's hard not to fall a little in love with the idyllic Boston Public Gardens.  It's a perfect place to sit and enjoy the sun.  I wouldn't recommend dangling your feet in the water, however.

boston bw-3.jpg

boston bw-8.jpg

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Beautiful pics of Boston, Pheebs! You certainly continue to capture more and more of what may seem like nothing to the naked eye. G'job! By the way, love the picture of the old man in the park!


The lion statue is gorgeous .


The lion statue is gorgeous .

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A sunrise portrait session at the Wedge in Newport Beach with two newlyweds and two rather rambunctious dogs

Justin & Meghana-1.jpg
Justin & Meghana-2.jpg
Justin & Meghana-3.jpg
Justin & Meghana-4.jpg
Justin & Meghana-5.jpg
Justin & Meghana-6.jpgJustin & Meghana-7.jpgJustin & Meghana-8.jpg
Justin & Meghana-9.jpg
Justin & Meghana-10.jpg
Justin & Meghana-11.jpg
Justin & Meghana-12.jpg

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The bride is beautiful and their capturing places are peaceful .


The bride is beautiful and their capturing places are peaceful .

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It's hard imagining a cuter (and sometimes funnier) couple than these two, so it was a pleasure to be able to capture their wedding day.

Huy & Liz-1.jpg
Huy & Liz-2.jpg
Huy & Liz-3.jpg

Gifts, smiles, and occasional physical feats (in this case a few one handed push-ups) were necessary to gain entry into the house for the tea ceremony.

Huy & Liz-4.jpg
Huy & Liz-5.jpg
Huy & Liz-6.jpg
Huy & Liz-7.jpg
Huy & Liz-8.jpg
Huy & Liz-9.jpg
Huy & Liz-10.jpg

Liz's amazing Kate Spade shoes.

Huy & Liz-12.jpg
Huy & Liz-13.jpg
Huy & Liz-14.jpg
Huy & Liz-15.jpg
Huy & Liz-16.jpg
Huy & Liz-17.jpg
Huy & Liz-18.jpg
Huy & Liz-19.jpg
Huy & Liz-20.jpg
Huy & Liz-21.jpg
Huy & Liz-22.jpg
Huy & Liz-23.jpg
Huy & Liz-24.jpg
Huy & Liz-25.jpg
Huy & Liz-26.jpg
Huy & Liz-27.jpg
Huy & Liz-28.jpg
Huy & Liz-29.jpg
Huy & Liz-30.jpg
Huy & Liz-31.jpg
Huy & Liz-32.jpg
Apparently Huy has a distinct dancing style, which allowed Liz to identify him despite the Gumby suit. :)

Huy & Liz-34.jpg
Huy & Liz-35.jpg
Huy & Liz-36.jpg
Huy & Liz-38.jpg
Huy & Liz-39.jpg
Huy & Liz-40.jpg
It was a lovely, fun-filled night full of laughter, cheers, and one awesome surprise flashmob dance.  Congratulations Huy & Liz! 

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I love the pictures Phoebe! Thank you for capturing all of the emotions of the day... and it was a very long day :) I'm dying to see the rest!


Great photos! What a crazy/fun/beautiful day.


Looking at these nice pics makes me want to get married to Liz again!


Love these pics, Pheebs! What a great mix of emotions captured. Especially the pics of Liz/Huy dancing and the pic of them laughing together. So cute! :D


You've captured the moments from different angles. Outstanding. If I were to marry, do you want to take mine?:)


I like the pictures at the park... ;)


Beautiful photos!! You captured such great moments too!


Congrats to Huy and Liz! Great job as always, Pheebs! Love love love these pics!


Professional photographer capturing those better capturing and professional photography .

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A little peace and sunshine go a long way.

central California - small2.jpg

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Nice picture of the stairs!


Those natural scenery are awesome . Thank you so much .

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James & Steph's lovely wedding at the Odyssey in Granada Hills

James & Stephanie-1.jpg
James & Stephanie-2.jpg
James & Stephanie-3.jpg
James & Stephanie-4.jpg
James & Stephanie-5.jpg
James & Stephanie-6.jpg
James & Stephanie-7.jpg
James & Stephanie-8.jpg
James & Stephanie-9.jpg
The best dressed guys at the wedding, wearing ties with James and Stephanie on it. :)

James & Stephanie-10.jpg
James & Stephanie-11.jpg
James & Stephanie-12.jpg
James & Stephanie-13.jpg
James & Stephanie-14.jpg
James & Stephanie-15.jpg
James & Stephanie-35.jpg

James & Stephanie-17.jpg
James & Stephanie-18.jpg
James & Stephanie-20.jpg
James & Stephanie-21.jpg
James & Stephanie-22.jpg
James & Stephanie-23.jpg
James & Stephanie-24.jpg
James & Stephanie-25.jpg
James & Stephanie-26.jpg
James & Stephanie-27.jpg

This was a no holds barred game where people were scrambling to find money, half eaten cupcakes, lipstick, and just about everything else you can think of.

James & Stephanie-28.jpg
James & Steph's faces during the game was priceless.  I think this was when the contestants were asked to find a sock (not their own).

James & Stephanie-33.jpg
And for the finale the winner had to grab the bride.

James & Stephanie-34.jpg
James & Stephanie-31.jpg
James & Stephanie-32.jpg

Congratulations James & Stephanie!
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Thanks for capturing our day, Phoebe! The pictures are lovely and we can't wait to see the rest! :)

Jesse Sloan:

The photos are lovely!
So nice to sit with you at the wedding and thanks for capturing me stealing the bride!

Sarah :

These photos are awesome, Phoebe!! The bride is stunning...love her dress! Love the ring shot and the lollipops too!


The little baby looks pretty and the couple is romantic .

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