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Hello!  My name is Phoebe, and I am a photographer currently based in Los Angeles, CA.  Here you'll find both a mix of my work, my personal life, and any other tidbits I find interesting.

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A little peace and sunshine go a long way.

central California - small2.jpg

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Nice picture of the stairs!


Those natural scenery are awesome . Thank you so much .

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James & Steph's lovely wedding at the Odyssey in Granada Hills

James & Stephanie-1.jpg
James & Stephanie-2.jpg
James & Stephanie-3.jpg
James & Stephanie-4.jpg
James & Stephanie-5.jpg
James & Stephanie-6.jpg
James & Stephanie-7.jpg
James & Stephanie-8.jpg
James & Stephanie-9.jpg
The best dressed guys at the wedding, wearing ties with James and Stephanie on it. :)

James & Stephanie-10.jpg
James & Stephanie-11.jpg
James & Stephanie-12.jpg
James & Stephanie-13.jpg
James & Stephanie-14.jpg
James & Stephanie-15.jpg
James & Stephanie-35.jpg

James & Stephanie-17.jpg
James & Stephanie-18.jpg
James & Stephanie-20.jpg
James & Stephanie-21.jpg
James & Stephanie-22.jpg
James & Stephanie-23.jpg
James & Stephanie-24.jpg
James & Stephanie-25.jpg
James & Stephanie-26.jpg
James & Stephanie-27.jpg

This was a no holds barred game where people were scrambling to find money, half eaten cupcakes, lipstick, and just about everything else you can think of.

James & Stephanie-28.jpg
James & Steph's faces during the game was priceless.  I think this was when the contestants were asked to find a sock (not their own).

James & Stephanie-33.jpg
And for the finale the winner had to grab the bride.

James & Stephanie-34.jpg
James & Stephanie-31.jpg
James & Stephanie-32.jpg

Congratulations James & Stephanie!
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Thanks for capturing our day, Phoebe! The pictures are lovely and we can't wait to see the rest! :)

Jesse Sloan:

The photos are lovely!
So nice to sit with you at the wedding and thanks for capturing me stealing the bride!

Sarah :

These photos are awesome, Phoebe!! The bride is stunning...love her dress! Love the ring shot and the lollipops too!


The little baby looks pretty and the couple is romantic .

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It always makes me a little nervous to shoot photographers, but Jay & Nicole made it incredibly easy.  It's hard not to love shooting a couple so much in love.  And was she really taking pictures during their engagement session?  Why yes, yes she was.  Once a photographer, always a photographer.  

Jay & Nicole-1 - Malibu.jpg
Jay & Nicole-2 - Malibu.jpg
Jay & Nicole-3 - Malibu.jpg
Jay & Nicole-4 - Malibu.jpg
Jay & Nicole-5.jpg
Jay & Nicole-6 - Malibu.jpg
Jay & Nicole-7 - Malibu.jpg
Jay & Nicole-8 - Malibu.jpg
Jay & Nicole-9 - Malibu.jpg
Jay & Nicole-10 - Zumas beach.jpg
Jay & Nicole-11 - Zumas beach.jpg
Jay & Nicole-12 - Urban lights.jpg
Jay & Nicole-13 - LACMA.jpg

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Phoebe these are amazing!!! Truly beautiful. I can't wait for you to shoot our wedding!!!!


These are beautiful! Jay is my cousin I love to death (as well as Nicole now) and I'm so glad you captured their love!!


Phoebe the pics are amazing!!!!!!! I cannot wait for our turn :)


The couple is so sweet together. You captured such great moments!


Hey Phoebe ,
Very interesting photography . Thanks for sharing those with us .

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I feel constantly privileged to work with the couples that I meet, and Dan and Jen are no exception.  This lovely couple was married in Palo Alto among their closest friends and family.

Jen & Dan-1.jpg
Jen & Dan-2.jpg
Jen & Dan-3.jpg
Jen & Dan-4.jpg
Jen & Dan-5.jpg
Jen & Dan-6.jpg
Jen & Dan-7.jpg
Jen & Dan-8.jpg
Jen & Dan-9.jpg
Jen & Dan-10.jpg
Jen & Dan-11.jpg
Jen & Dan-12.jpg
Jen & Dan-13.jpg
Jen & Dan-14.jpg
Jen & Dan-15.jpg
Jen & Dan-16.jpg
Jen & Dan-17.jpg
Jen & Dan-18.jpg
Jen & Dan-19.jpg
Jen and Dan are avid bakers, as you can see from their adorable cake topper.  They gifted everyone with a wonderful pineapple upside-down cake recipe.

Jen & Dan-20.jpg
Jen & Dan-21.jpg
Jen & Dan-22.jpg
Jen & Dan-23.jpg
To win a kiss from the couple you had to sing a song.

Jen & Dan-24.jpg
Jen & Dan-25.jpg
Jen & Dan-26.jpg
Jen & Dan-27.jpg
Jen & Dan-28.jpg
Jen & Dan-29.jpg
Jen & Dan-30.jpg
Jen & Dan-31.jpg

Jen & Dan-32.jpg
Congratulations Dan & Jen!
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great pics phoebe!


Hey Phoebe, I love this. :)


love. love the pic of the couple under the tree.


Wow, that picture of the couple under the tree is AMAZING!!!


Great post Phoebe!


LOVE!!! Thanks Phoebe! :) :)


I love love LOVE the nature shots!!

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I had to dig back six years for these photos, but they are no less memorable for that.  My experience of Japan was very brief but lovely, a surprising mix of peace and frenetic energy.

Japan-1 - Kiyomizudera - Kyoto.jpg

Japan-2 - Kyoto.jpg

Japan-3 - Shibuya.jpg

Japan-5 - Harajuku - One piece.jpg

Japan-4 - Shinjuku.jpg

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Exceptional photoraphy scenery .

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