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Hello!  My name is Phoebe, and I am a photographer currently based in Los Angeles, CA.  Here you'll find both a mix of my work, my personal life, and any other tidbits I find interesting.

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Eugene and Sharon are a really sweet couple, and we had a wonderful time shooting their engagement.  We wandered around Crystal Cove with their two sisters in tow, who were wonderful in helping and making them laugh (thanks Katherine and Heidi!).  Granted, Sharon and Eugene were so natural in front of the camera that it made everything very easy.

Eugene  Sharon-1.jpg
Eugene  Sharon-2.jpg
Eugene  Sharon-3.jpg
Eugene  Sharon-4.jpg
Eugene  Sharon-5.jpg

Eugene  Sharon-7.jpg
Eugene  Sharon-8.jpg
Eugene  Sharon-9.jpg
Eugene  Sharon-10.jpg
Eugene  Sharon-11.jpg
Eugene  Sharon-12.jpg
They first got to know each other while setting up chairs for church every Sunday morning.  So it was fitting that we incorporated a chair into their engagement session. :)

Eugene  Sharon-13.jpg
Eugene  Sharon-14.jpg
Eugene  Sharon-15.jpg
Looking forward to capturing your wedding day, Sharon and Eugene!

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As a child growing up in southern California, Disneyland was as much a part of my childhood as... ice cream (that was the first example I thought of because it is so ridiculously hot here in Pasadena today).  So when I met up with Nadia and Jeff (just about the sweetest couple ever), it felt vaguely like I was revisiting a tiny bit of my past.

Disneyland - engagement - Nadia & Jeff-1.jpg

Disneyland - engagement - Nadia & Jeff-2.jpg

We wandered over to the Mark Twain riverboat, where the captain asked us if we wanted to help drive the boat (um, yes please).  So we got to go to the very top, past the "employees only" sign, to what was perhaps one of the nicest views of Disneyland (you could see a few Disneyland peaks - Mattahorn, Big Thunder mountain, Splash mountain).

Disneyland - engagement - Nadia & Jeff-3.jpg

Disneyland - engagement - Nadia & Jeff-4.jpg

Loved their message in the guestbook

Disneyland - engagement - Nadia & Jeff-5.jpg

Disneyland - engagement - Nadia & Jeff-6.jpg

Disneyland - engagement - Nadia & Jeff-7.jpg

Did they spin the teacup at my request?  Yes they did.  And I learned that looking through a viewfinder while the world is spinning is definitely not an experience I plan on repeating anytime soon.


Disneyland - engagement - Nadia & Jeff-8.jpg

Disneyland - engagement - Nadia & Jeff-9.jpg

When we met up again for a few last shots, they had a surprise for me.  Can you guess what it is?


Disneyland - engagement - Nadia & Jeff-10.jpg

Yes, we made excellent use of those rather adorable mouse ears (and whatever random things we could find, including a big ball of balloons that cute little Nadia had to mug a Disneyland employee to get... I'm totally kidding).  After a full day in Disneyland it was hard not to want some mouse ears myself.

Disneyland - engagement - Nadia & Jeff-11.jpg

Disneyland - engagement - Nadia & Jeff-12.jpg

Disneyland - engagement - Nadia & Jeff-13.jpg

Disneyland - engagement - Nadia & Jeff-14.jpg

Disneyland - engagement - Nadia & Jeff-15.jpg

Disneyland - engagement - Nadia & Jeff-16.jpg

The quintessential Disneyland shot to mark the end of a fun day.  Looking forward to capturing your wedding day, Nadia & Jeff! 

Disneyland - engagement - Nadia & Jeff-17.jpg

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Phoebe, these are amazing! (c: Great job!!


Love love love all the pictures!!! One thing I don't have to worry about: I will have amazing wedding pictures!! Looking forward for 9-10-11


So adorable! I love the one where she is holding up the balloons and jumping in the air. It looked as if she was being lifted up by the balloons!


Picture are amazing Phoebe!!!! I think this is my fave engagement session to date :) Can't wait til our turn


These pictures came out cute, fun, and just great!!!! I am glad that I was able to get you into Disneyland for this!!!


These Disneyland photos are super cute!!!! You did a wonderful job!

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It always makes me a little nervous to shoot photographers, but Jay & Nicole made it incredibly easy.  It's hard not to love shooting a couple so much in love.  And was she really taking pictures during their engagement session?  Why yes, yes she was.  Once a photographer, always a photographer.  

Jay & Nicole-1 - Malibu.jpg
Jay & Nicole-2 - Malibu.jpg
Jay & Nicole-3 - Malibu.jpg
Jay & Nicole-4 - Malibu.jpg
Jay & Nicole-5.jpg
Jay & Nicole-6 - Malibu.jpg
Jay & Nicole-7 - Malibu.jpg
Jay & Nicole-8 - Malibu.jpg
Jay & Nicole-9 - Malibu.jpg
Jay & Nicole-10 - Zumas beach.jpg
Jay & Nicole-11 - Zumas beach.jpg
Jay & Nicole-12 - Urban lights.jpg
Jay & Nicole-13 - LACMA.jpg

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Phoebe these are amazing!!! Truly beautiful. I can't wait for you to shoot our wedding!!!!


These are beautiful! Jay is my cousin I love to death (as well as Nicole now) and I'm so glad you captured their love!!


Phoebe the pics are amazing!!!!!!! I cannot wait for our turn :)


The couple is so sweet together. You captured such great moments!

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I briefly tagged along with Chris Schmitt for the engagement session of this playful couple.  Lots of chemistry in this shoot!

union station - 1.jpg

union station - 2.jpg

union station - 3.jpg

union station - 4.jpg

union station - 5.jpg

union station - 6.jpg

union station - 7.jpg

union station - 8.jpg

union station - 9.jpg

union station - 10.jpg

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Roger&Pattie - El Matador - Malibu-1.jpg

Roger and Pattie are two just incredibly sweet and kind people and I knew when I first met them that I'd love working with them. 

Roger&Pattie - El Matador - Malibu-2.jpg

Roger&Pattie - El Matador - Malibu-3.jpg

Roger&Pattie - El Matador - Malibu-4.jpg

Roger&Pattie - El Matador - Malibu-5.jpg

Roger&Pattie - El Matador - Malibu-6.jpg

Roger&Pattie - El Matador - Malibu-7.jpg

Roger&Pattie - El Matador - Malibu-8.jpg

Roger&Pattie - El Matador - Malibu-9.jpg

Roger&Pattie - El Matador - Malibu-10.jpg

Roger&Pattie - El Matador - Malibu-11.jpg

Roger&Pattie - El Matador - Malibu-12.jpg

Roger&Pattie - El Matador - Malibu-13.jpg

Roger spontaneously tucked a flower in her hair.  How cute is that?

Roger&Pattie - El Matador - Malibu-14.jpg

Roger&Pattie - El Matador - Malibu-15.jpg
Roger&Pattie - El Matador - Malibu-16.jpg
Roger&Pattie - El Matador - Malibu-17.jpg

Roger and Pattie, thanks for braving the cold wind (and yes, even chillier water!), and being so lovely in front of the camera.  I look forward to shooting your wedding!

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These guys look like naturals in front of the camera. I especially love the pic of the two of them looking at each other in the field. So sweet! And the last two photos...LOVE!!

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